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Print Management Software   


PrintLimit Print TrackingPrintLimit Print Tracking

PrintLimit Print Tracking is designed to help businesses and educational institutions of any size centralize print management. The software works with any brand or type of printer and provides a straightforward solution for Windows print servers and non-print server printing environment. It is an easy to use print manager that allows you to monitor all printing activity, control who’s printing and how much is being printed, identify the costs of printing across your entire organization, allow secure print by PIN or card at the printer, eliminate wasted paper, and reduce your printing costs. This comprehensive print management solution has proved useful for many businesses and educational facilities.


PrintLimit Print Release StationPrintLimit Print Release Station

PrintLimit Print Release Station keeps print jobs paused until released manually by a user or administrator. It allows you to reduce print volume and wasted paper by eliminating accidental, unnecessary, or abusive printing.



Printer Meter ReadingPrinter Meter Reading and Toner Monitor 

Printer Meter Reading and Toner Monitor can automatically scan your network and collect printer meter, Ink/toner level, IP address, model, serial number, MAC address and send you the report daily, weekly or monthly. The software can also notify you when the toner is low.



Print Watermark / Header / FooterPrint Watermark / Header / Footer

Print Watermark / Header / Footer can add the user name, computer name, day, time, page count, watermark or any string to your printed document from all your applications.



Printer Usage ReportPrinter Usage Report 

Printer Usage Report is a free tool for generating reports especially for analysis of printing cost and client billing. Not only you can view but also generate 100 reports - 64 reports are default ones with the option to customize 36 reports. These reports are compatible with PrintLimit Print Tracking and PrintLimit Print Release Station, and by remotely connecting this tool to your database (either MS Access or SQL) you can view reports from any computer in your network running on Windows platform.