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Print Management Guide - Print Quota Example


All students and faculty receive a printing quota on public network printers located across your campuses.

Weekly quotas cycle on Sunday morning between midnight and 2:00 a.m. Quota is measured per sheet of paper printed, not per printed side. If students run out of quota, Printing Dollars are available for purchase.

The cost for B&W is $0.10 per page. The cost for color printing is $0.50 per page.


Quota Allotment

Undergraduate Students

$10/week + $10 semester reserve

Graduate Students


Faculty and formal Instructors


Student Officers (Research Assistants and formal Teaching Assistants)


Staff and Visiting Scholars

No quota - Purchase Printing Dollars


No quota - Purchase Printing Dollars


Printing Dollars

Printing Dollars are used when students need to print but have exceeded their allotted quota, need to print in color, or are not eligible for a print quota. A Printing Dollar is a credit towards printing, at a rate of 10 black-and-white pages or 2 color page per Dollar. Printing Dollars are "durable" - they carry over from week to month for as long as student's account remains valid. The Printing Dollars can be purchased at your Support Center.

Checking Print Quota Balances and Printing Activity
There are two ways to check student's current print quota balances.

Online: Check print quota balance online, and review a detailed history of printing activity.

Workstation: Check print quota balance using the local print management software installed on each workstation.


The print management software PrintLimit Print Tracking can keep track of account quotas (number of pages allocated to users) or balance. When user quotas are exceeded, jobs are paused or automatically canceled.