Online Demo - Printing Charge with Debit Card Reader

1500U-2 Series
Magnetic Card Reader

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Highly secure and adaptable debit card reader

Start recovering your printing and copying costs with BC201 card reader. This unit provides access to photocopiers, printers, and microfilm equipment through the use of an encoded reusable plastic card.Our card reader formats cards, too. So you can use it to make cards at your own facility!
Key Features


Multiple site codes (user groups) can be assigned to each card reader, with two price lines available per site code.

Internal electronic meters record all transactions that take place, making reconciliation easy. Administrators can view reports on the display, print them to a hand held printer, or downloaded them to a laptop via a serial cable. Administration can assign machine identification numbers to aid in auditing meter information.

This powerful device connects with nearly any brand of copier or printer and interfaces with all leading print vend software packages. Compatible with ACT, DANYL, Debitek, ICS, InterCard, ITC, and XCP card systems.

Reliable and secure 
Battery backup memory prevents the loss of data in the event of a power outage.
How it works

Step 1.
The card reader reads formatted data on the magnetic stripe, known as a site code, allowing access only to authorized users.
Step 2.
  After access is granted, each transaction reduces the value on the card.
Step 3.
  The new value is displayed on the L.E.D. display of the card reader and then written on to the magnetic stripe of the card.

  Heavy-gauge metal
  Display: 1 x 16 character
  Serial port: 9-pin RS-232
  Mounting options: Sits on desktop, or mounts on a wall, optional pedestal, or copier security stand
  Pedestal base